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Historical unpublished data comprising of average monthly weights up to yearling age on Thalli lambs (n=130) from January 2009 to December 2009 were evaluated statistically with the aim of identifying the growth of Thalli sheep using non-linear regression models to discover growth-development mechanism of the Thalli sheep.
The non-linear dynamical system with serial rectifier diode is presented in Fig.
Control of such non-linear element brings remarkable problems with preservation of its static and dynamic properties at various values of the control input as well as at various load torque.
Further, analyses were carried out to examine the effect of non-linear (NL) soil behaviour, since soil exhibits inelastic and non- linear behaviour from the beginning of loading.
Conclusion: a non-linear video system is a great coaching tool
Product Development/Launches II-12 Fujitsu and HHI Develop Ultra High-Speed Optical Switch II-12 Avanex Expands LiNbO3 Modulators Product Line II-12 Avanex Launches Novel Modulator II-12 COVEGA Launches New Optical Modulator II-12 Avanex Unveils Ultra-Low Voltage 10 Gb/s LiNbO3 Modulator II-13 Inventors Develop Non-Linear Photonic Switch II-13 Inventors Develop Crystalline Non-linear Optical Film II-13 Centre for Integrated Photonics Launches Semiconductor Optical Amplifier II-13 NanoOpto Launches Sub Wave Optical Isolator II-14
The numerical time response solution for the non-linear system is calculated using the Wilson-9 method in conjunction with an iteration procedure.
The basic presumption of economical production is knowledge of power-economical characteristics of separate production appliances, in our specific case it concerns consumption characteristics of boilers which generally have non-linear course.
The industry is just beginning to understand the complexity of non-linear network analysis, and much work remains in developing generalized and standardized languages and understanding.
This supports the suitability of the cubic equation to describe the stress strain relationship of non-linear materials.
The majority of the papers in the digest fall into one of three categoriesdispersion, components, and non-linear optics.

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