check valve

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check valve

[′chek ‚valv]
(mechanical engineering)
A device for automatically limiting flow in a piping system to a single direction. Also known as nonreturn valve.

Check Valve


a device that passes a stream of fluid or gas through a pipe only in one direction and closes automatically when the direction of the stream reverses. It is used in various thermal power engineering and production plants.

check valve, back-pressure valve, reflux valve

check valve
An automatic valve which permits liquid to flow in only one direction. Also see non-return valve.

check valve

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Two types of check valves.
A valve that permits the flow of fluid in one direction only. Various types of check valves are depicted in the illustrations.
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Note: It is possible that the non-return valve works properly but still does not hold a cushion due to wear on the inside diameter of the barrel.
The resulting pressure difference between the mixing zone and metering zone closes the rear non-return valve (C).
Using second-stage pressure to test the non-return valve should insure against overpacking or damage to your runner or mold.
Specialist valve manufacturer Dairy Pipe Lines have developed a new range of non-return valves to meet the stringent requirements of hygienic processing.
We all recognize that the non-return valve is a problem.
Introducing "Right-Sized" injection units consisting of barrel, end cap, screw, non-return valve, heaters, thermocouples, and barrel covers, supplied in a single crate, assembled and ready to install.
It also features adaptive software that minimizes variation in the locking behavior of the non-return valve.
Limited Tenders are invited for C I Non-Return Valve & Non-Rising Spindle Typesluice Valve-4 Items-Reg.
Check the non-return valve, nozzle end cap, and nozzle tip for abrupt changes in flow path--more dead spots where polymer can hang up and degrade.
KKNZ and KSKD stations with feeding and supply pipe lines, non-return valve, gate valve / sluice valve etc.
Then a plug is installed in front of the injection unit to "dead head" the press, Next, the newly patented non-return valve locks in the open position.
Sluice Valve & Non-return Valve of size 300 mm & 200 mm dia along with accessories, repairing of manifold size (500 mm x 300 mm) at Intake (Barge) & related works etc at Panbazar Water Supply Scheme