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nonviolent resistance:

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a method of nonviolent protest against laws or policies in order to force a change or secure concessions; it is also known as nonviolent resistance and is the main tactic of civil disobedience.
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But nor is there any doubt that, despite the destruction of temples and the forced re-education of monks, Tibetan Buddhism will resist, and will develop, both for the Tibetan people and for the world at large, a new ethic of non-violent resistance, rooted in the great Lamaist tradition.
At the same time, Abu Mazen called upon Palestinians to join in a popular, non-violent resistance against Israel occupation.
An American priest also explained to me how non-violent resistance is happening on an impressive scale.
Even if such an arduous task was possible, the news might not want to convey it, as it would directly clash with mainstream interpretations of violence and non-violent resistance.
But there is a difference between religious inspiration and developing a coherent strategy of holistic non-violent resistance against oppression.
A Non-Violent Resistance Approach with Children in Distress
Other Jews, loyal to God and their religion, in particular the Hasidim, believed in non-violent resistance and martyrdom over assimilation.
To achieve their aims anarchists have created independent communal societies and in the face of state oppression have offered non-violent resistance strategies, which Mahatma Gandhi used to great effect in removing the British Empire from power in India.
So, it might be suggested that Palestinians gave non-violent resistance more than a fair shot.
They are preparing a constitution and have agreed plans to attempt non-violent resistance to any closures related to the SAR.
FGM organiser Ramzi Kysia said the success of the second voyage proved that it was possible to overcome the siege of Gaza through non-violent resistance and direct action.
Mr Ramos-Horta,58, who won the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent resistance to the decades-long Indonesian occupation, was shot in the chest and stomach close to his house by rebel soldiers yesterday.