Nonaligned Movement

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Nonaligned Movement,

organized movement of nations that attempted to form a third world force through a policy of nonalignment with the United States and Soviet Union. Yugoslavia, India, Indonesia, Egypt, and Ghana were instrumental in founding (1961) the movement, which grew out of the Bandung ConferenceBandung Conference,
meeting of representatives of 29 African and Asian nations, held at Bandung, Indonesia, in 1955. The aim—to promote economic and cultural cooperation and to oppose colonialism—was more or less achieved in an atmosphere of cordiality.
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 (1955). Its members, mainly developing nations from Asia, Africa, and Latin America that embrace more than half the world's people, include true neutrals and many nations that were in fact aligned with one of the superpowers during the cold warcold war,
term used to describe the shifting struggle for power and prestige between the Western powers and the Communist bloc from the end of World War II until 1989. Of worldwide proportions, the conflict was tacit in the ideological differences between communism and
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. In light of the cold war's end, it reassessed its role and has redefined itself as a forum for its member nations to develop policies and positions that they can seek to implement at the United Nations and other international forums. The 120 member nations meet regularly to discuss their common interests. See also Third WorldThird World,
the technologically less advanced, or developing, nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, generally characterized as poor, having economies distorted by their dependence on the export of primary products to the developed countries in return for finished products.
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And though Syria's embattled president, Bashar al Assad, may not participate, the crisis in Syria will be on the agenda and may culminate in a new Nonaligned Movement mediation push to complement the efforts of both the United Nations and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.
membership and the eventual formation of the influential nonaligned movement.
Perhaps not all of Wittner's arguments about the effectiveness of the nonaligned movement, or its credibility as an alternative to the nuclear arms race, will prove convincing to many readers.
But Cuba, I had noticed by then, was becoming quite a dynamic force in the nonaligned movement, was taking strong positions on Third World trade and economic issues.
The systems were purchased over the summer in response to an urgent request by the Indonesian government that the units be delivered in time for the 10th summit meeting of the Nonaligned Movement (NAM) states which was held there last month.
AaPalestinians, Arab nations and the 118-nation Nonaligned Movement of mainly developing countries strongly backed the Libyan initiative for the 15-nation Security Council.
Thematic entries offer thematic interpretations and analytical discussions of such topics as apartheid, the Balkan wars of the 1990s, caste systems, capital flight, the impact of debt on development, currency regimes, infant mortality, the Intifada, the Great Leap Forward, intellectual property rights, Islamic fundamentalism, foreign direct investment, guerilla warfare, liberation theology, and the Nonaligned movement, to name a few.
But Jiang recalled the 1950s, when then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and then Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai were the undisputed leaders of the nonaligned movement, which sought to counter the influence of Moscow and Washington.
In his first two terms as prime minister, from 1972 until 1980, Manley was a champion of the nonaligned movement.