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In Smalley Logics Corp, Miami-Dade County approved a special variance permit to allow a nine-acre expansion of a nonconforming airport.
If the issuing bank fails to follow all of these requirements and gives an untimely, incomplete or improperly communicated notice of rejection, and/or improperly disposes of the documents, the bank is precluded from claiming that the presented documents are nonconforming and must make payment to the letter of credit beneficiary.
Land-use regulation, however, has given birth to one technique that, in many cases, has successfully resulted in the elimination of nonconforming uses--amortization.
As with the manual review, any nonconforming or unjustified IP markings identified are listed in a formal memo to the contracting officer and the JTNC's legal counsel for resolution or adjudication.
Section 6.1.6 of the Zoning Bylaws states that a nonconforming use 'which has been abandoned, or not used for a period of two years, shall lose its protected status and be subject to all of the provisions of this zoning bylaw.' (Emphasis added.) The Board thus upheld the building inspector's denial of a building permit on grounds of non-use.
Because the tavern sits on land now zoned for residential use (its existing use is grandfathered), Becker in June 2018 filed for a Nonconforming Situation Review in order to clarify what he is or is not allowed to do with the property.
Director BCS, said that commercial activities in the residential units is violation of CDA Building Bylaws, therefore, CDA carrying out operation against nonconforming units.
That decision granted dimensional relief to Applicants John and Mary Scaduto (Applicants) to reduce the lot coverage of their nonconforming lot, as well as to build stairs beyond the preexisting setback.
TheIHC had ordered the CDA,more than once during to past few months, to ensure that all media houses operating in residential areas moved out and stopped the nonconforming use of premises failing which action may be initiated against them in accordance with the CDA law and regulations which include sealing and cancellation of the leases.
Tesla, which spent roughly $150M on scrap materials so far this year, creates an additional 1,000 pieces of "nonconforming material" for every 2,500 battery packs and driving units that leave the Gigafactory and half of that is reworked and put into other car parts while the other half becomes scrap.
Second round leader Erwin Arcillas was disqualified for using nonconforming wedges.
In a memorandum dated May 30, the FCC found that "Licensee apparently has willfully and repeatedly operated the Station at variance from its license without Commission authorization in violation of Section 301 of the Act and Section 73.1745(a) of the Rules; willfully failed to timely file for special temporary authorization to operate with its nonconforming technical facilities in violation of Section 73.1635(a)(1) of the Rules; and willfully failed to disclose material information regarding the unauthorized operations in violation of Section 1.17 of the Rules."