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Nonesuch Press,

private press founded in London in 1922 by Francis Meynell and David Garnett. Unlike most private presses, Nonesuch designs the books it publishes on its own small press but has production done by selected commercial firms. Nonesuch Press has followed a policy of publishing only books that are not in print or that exist in inadequate editions or translations. Among its noted publications are the collected works of William Congreve (1923), the works of William Wycherly (1924), and a translation of Don Quixote (1930). It has also published books by Milton, Dryden, Dickens, Tennyson, and Conrad.
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The Nonesuch Press was as famous for the quality of its print, illustrations, typeface and paper as for its twenty-four volume edition of Dickens' works.
Typographic design under Herbert Simon became a very professional skill that attracted clients like Francis Meynell's Nonesuch Press, for which the Press printed thirteen titles.
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