river, China: see NenNen
or Nonni
, river, 740 mi (1,191 km) long, rising in the Yilehuli (Ilkuri) Mts., N Heilongjiang prov., NE China, and flowing south along the east side of the Da Hinggan (Great Khingan) range to the Songhua River; forms part of the Heilongjiang-Jilin provincial
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Whether it was an animal or a plant, Nonni taught us to respect the food we ate, as well as the time and effort we spent growing it.
All the grandchildren are having a sleepover at Nonni Lidia's telling scary stories, when someone is called a 'chicken.
Blodau'r teulu yn unig, cyfraniadau os dymunir tuag at Eglwys Llanfihangel-ar-arth a Chapel Nonni, Llanllwni trwy law Wyn Williams, Trefnwr Angladdau, Rhydfoyr Uchaf, Felindre, Llandysul, SA44 5JE.
Avene's skincare expert Joelle Nonni recommends 'a gentle cleansing routine (no soap) and good skin hydration with soothing ingredients such as natural oils'.
Piu che i padri o i nonni del Neorealismo, infatti, la generazione di quella che ho definito in un libro "la meglio gioventu" del cinema italiano (quella dei Sorrentino, dei Munzi, dei Marra, dei Vicari) vuole "uccidere" gli zii e i fratelli maggiori, tornando a guardare i nobili progenitori.
The center also is showing "Inspired by Nature" by Kosjenka (Koka) Filipovic and "I Miei Nonni Italia" ("My Grandparents' Italy") by Ann Simas.
Sarapiku jarv, Kiljatu jarv, and Nonni jarv in Saaremaa are shallow but mostly with open water.
An acting break came early, when he was 13 and won the lead in a TV series called Nonni and Manni, largely, he claims, because he could speak English and could ride horses bareback.
He had a go at acting and, as a 13-year-old, played the title role of Nonni in a TV adventure series, Nonni and Manni, in which he battled with polar bears, erupting volcanoes and whales.
Among them are European posters such as La Plage de Calvi, designed by artist Roger Broders, and Foute Med 1924, designed by Francesco Nonni.
The other boy, Nonni, has an enlarged heart and cannot do anything strenuous.