Nonsingular Matrix

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nonsingular matrix

[′nän‚siŋ·gyə·lər ′mā·triks]
A matrix which has an inverse; equivalently, its determinant is not zero.

Nonsingular Matrix


in mathematics, a square matrix A = ǀǀaijǀǀ1n of order n whose determinant \A\ is nonzero. Every nonsingular matrix is invertible. A nonsingular matrix defines a nonsingular linear transformation in n-dimensional space. The passage from one coordinate system to another is also defined by a nonsingular matrix.

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As above, let S be the nonsingular matrix whose columns [S.
is a nonsingular matrix, same with the proof process of Theorem 7, one can know that the pinning consensus can be achieved.
Mainly, by using the extrapolation method, families of estimates can be derived which are valid for any nonsingular matrix and thus can be used for nonsymmetric problems.
In our numerical testing we have found that any set of four interior points will result in a nonsingular matrix W, and the approach will be successful.
A nonsingular matrix is an H Bezoutian if and only if its inverse is a Hankel matrix.
B] that cover many of published proposals, the parameter B being a nonsingular matrix of the same size as A.
nxn] be a nonsingular matrix, and let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
T], then there exists a nonsingular matrix X [member of] [C.
Suppose that a nonsingular matrix A and a positive integer k < d(A) are given.
Since the structural rank of the matrix is equal to the cardinality of the maximum matching in the bipartite graph, and is an upper bound on the numerical rank, every nonsingular matrix has a perfect matching in its bipartite graph.
In Section 2 we also prove that if either a nonsingular matrix or its inverse is diagonally dominant by rows and columns, then we can assure an LDU-decomposition of A (without row or column exchanges) with L and U diagonally dominant by columns and rows, respectively.
if there exists a nonsingular matrix U such that AU = UB, then we obtain the representation [e.