Nordenskjöld, Nils Otto Gustaf

Nordenskjöld, Nils Otto Gustaf,

1869–1928, Swedish geographer and explorer, nephew of Nils Adolf Erik NordenskjöldNordenskjöld, Nils Adolf Erik, Baron
, 1832–1901, Swedish geologist and arctic explorer, first to navigate the Northeast Passage, b. Finland. He served as geologist on several expeditions to Spitsbergen under Otto Torrell, the noted Swedish geologist, on one of which
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. He headed an expedition to Patagonia (1895–97) and later explored the Klondike and Alaska (1898) and Greenland (1900). From 1901 to 1904 he commanded an expedition to the Antarctic that yielded important geographical results. He became professor of geography at the Univ. of Götenborg in 1905.