Nordic Council

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Nordic Council,

international consultative body, created in 1952 by Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Finland joined the council in 1955. The territories of the Faeroes and the Åland Islands have been represented since 1970; Greenland gained representation in 1984. The council may take up any problem of joint interest except matters of defense. Among its accomplishments are the abolition of visas, the creation of a common labor market, mutual recognition of academic degrees, and mutual law enforcement.

Nordic Council


an organ of the parliaments of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Representatives of the various governments also take part, although only in an advisory capacity. The council may consider any questions; in practice, however, it does not discuss military and political questions.

The Nordic Council was established in 1952. Finland adhered in 1955. Cooperation between the member countries of the council is essentially based on the Helsinki Treaty of Nordic Cooperation, which was signed in 1962 and revised in 1971. The council consists of parliamentary deputies from the member countries; it makes recommendations to the Nordic governments.

The Nordic Council has dealt with such problems as social and legal standardization in the Nordic countries. It has promoted the creation of a common Nordic labor market and the expansion of economic and cultural cooperation. It regards some problems as beyond its competence—for example, the creation of an atom-free zone in Northern Europe and the delimitation of the fishing zone for Iceland, which has requested the council’s protection against British encroachments.

The Nordic Council of Ministers was established within the Nordic Council in 1971, and the Permanent Secretariat in 1972. The press organ of the Nordic Council is the monthly Nordisk Kontakt, which has been published in Stockholm since 1955.

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A report, entitled The European Union and the Arctic', ordered by the Nordic Council, states that it is "clear that the situation requires as a minimum a more systematic, proactive EU approach" for the Arctic in all pertinent policies, both for Arctic and non-Arctic member states.
He has latched on to the Nordic Council in a bid to prove that other countries with close ties, which have not always been independent, can thrive.
In these respects, the book compares unfavourably with another recent collection published in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers, Equal Democracies?
New from The Nordic Council of Ministers & the Scandinavian University Press in Oslo: Equal Democracies?
A new report from the Nordic Council of Ministers suggests that while technological improvements can greatly reduce materials consumption in industrial economies, changes in consumer behavior are the key to locking in those gains.
The Nordic Council Report to Preserve and Provide Access to Electronic Records notes that 3480 tapes "probably will be around for many years" (Nordic Council of Ministers 1996).
In Donegal for the latest St Andrew's Series lecture taking the party's message beyond Scotland, SNP chief executive Michael Russell said the council should be built on the Nordic Council model, "using consensus to find common positions on European and other issues".
But for some Nordic investors, it was the latest economic crisis in Russia that drove home how advanced the Baltics really are, said Mr Magnus Magnusson, an economic adviser at the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen.
The meetings formed part of the Nordic Council of Ministers session held in Reykjavik, Iceland, this week.
Among the better known organizations are the European Free Trade Association, European Central Bank, Benelux, the Council of Europe, CERN--the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers, the European Space Agency, the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, and the European Union.
I would envisage an independent Northern England, Scotland, Wales, N Ireland and Isle of Man, while remaining loyal to the British Crown as we move towards a more federal constitutional arrangement, also wanting to seek associate membership of the Nordic Council. Closer links with the countries of Scandinavia would help promote trade and jobs offering some protection against the possibility of leaving or remaining within the EU - either / both eventualities being problematic.
This publication is the third and final volume in Nordicom's series, Nordic Public Service Media Map, which is a part of the globalisation strategy of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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