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Skiing of or relating to competitions in cross-country racing and ski-jumping


of, relating to, or belonging to a subdivision of the Caucasoid race typified by the tall blond blue-eyed long-headed inhabitants of N Britain, Scandinavia, N Germany, and the Netherlands
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Burgundy, launched on 12 June 2009, was established by a group of Nordic banks and brokers and aims to become the leading platform for trading Nordic shares.
"We aim to attract 25% of Nordic liquidity, and we believe we have the backing and the infrastructure in place to provide a highly competitive alternative market," commented Olof Neiglick, Burgundy CEO.
Holowent is offering EUR0.24 cash per share for the entire capital of NR Nordic, a premium of 26.3% to the average closing price of NR Nordic shares on 28 September 2009, the day prior to the announcement by the Livingstone brothers that they were considering a bid.
The UK Takeover Panel gave the Livingstones until 25 January to make an offer for NR Nordic.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-27 October 2003-Three Baltic countries to join Nordic Investment Bank - report(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
The report describes the main drivers of the changing Nordic power system, and the planned and on-going grid developments introduced to meet the continually changing demands challenging the Nordic transmission grid.
Through Jersey-based Cidron Humber Ltd, Nordic Capital has since then purchased an additional 46,532,167 shares in Nordax outside the offer, corresponding to 41.94 percent of the total number of shares and votes in Nordax, at a price not higher than the offer price.
Ole Norrback, the Finnish ambassador in Oslo, Norway has been appointed to carry out a study into the rights of Nordic citizens in the other Nordic countries and possible ways to improve them.

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