Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island

(nôr`fək), island (2005 est. pop. 1,800), 13 sq mi (34 sq km), South Pacific, a territory of Australia, c.1,035 mi (1,670 km) NE of Sydney. Its capital is KingstonKingston,
village, capital of the Australian territory of Norfolk Island, located on the island's S coast, on Emily Bay. Kingston is the administrative and historic center of Norfolk Island; its commercial center is nearby Burnt Pine. Tourism is the mainstay of the local economy.
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. Now a resort, Norfolk has luxuriant vegetation and is known for its "pine" trees, which are not true pines but evergreens of the araucaria family (see monkey-puzzle treemonkey-puzzle tree,
evergreen tree (Araucaria araucana) native to Chile and widely cultivated elsewhere as an ornamental. The symmetrical branches have an unusual angularity and are completely covered by the stiff, overlapping leaves.
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Explored in 1774 by Capt. James CookCook, James,
1728–79, English explorer and navigator. The son of a Yorkshire agricultural laborer, he had little formal education. After an apprenticeship to a firm of shipowners at Whitby, he joined (1755) the royal navy and surveyed the St.
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, the then-uninhabited island (there had been an earlier Polynesian settlement) was claimed by Great Britain in the hope that the trees would provide masts for the navy. When the wood proved unsatisfactory, Norfolk was made into a prison island (1788–1855). In 1856 the prisoners were removed and some of the descendants of the Bounty mutineers were moved to Norfolk from Pitcairn IslandPitcairn Island,
volcanic island (2005 est. pop. 45), 2.5 sq mi (6.5 sq km), South Pacific, SE of Tuamotu Archipelago. Adamstown is the capital and only settlement. The first British Pacific Islands possession (1838), the island is officially administered by a governor (the
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. There are also Australians, New Zealanders, and Polynesians living on the island. Most of the people belong to the Anglican, Roman Catholic, or other Christian churches. English is the official language, but Norfolk, a mixture of 18th cent. English and ancient Tahitian, is also spoken. Many of the old prison colony buildings have been restored and contribute to the island's main industry, tourism. Norfolk Island pine and Kentia palm seeds and avocados are exported. There are natural gas deposits south of the island.

Norfolk Island was annexed to Tasmania in 1844, became a dependency of New South Wales in 1896, and was transferred to the Commonwealth of Australia in 1913. The island was governed under the Norfolk Island Act of 1979, which granted limited self-rule to the territory, established a legislative assembly, and gave the island federal- and state-level powers. Financial problems led to Australian legislation in 2015 ending the island's autonomy and reducing it to local administrative status in 2016, treating the territory administratively as part of New South Wales.


See study by M. Hoare (1971).

Norfolk Island

an island in the S Pacific, between New Caledonia and N New Zealand: an Australian external territory; discovered by Captain Cook in 1774; a penal settlement in early years. Pop.: 2601 (2001). Area: 36 sq. km (14 sq. miles)
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Insular Toponymies: Place-naming on Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island.
While Nash subtitles and introduces the book as a comparison between Norfolk Island and Dudley Peninsula, it is heavily weighted towards Norfolk Island.
On Norfolk Island there is one day when all congregations join together, and that is to celebrate Thanksgiving Day," he explained.
With the new Australian services the carrier said it will be flying to Norfolk Island five times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from Australia or New Zealand.
In addition to looking at music on Norfolk Island that is influenced by outside music, Hayward also speaks of how the island's language and heritage is found in song; it is done through a context of musicians identifying with being a descendant of settlers of Pitcairn Island.
I now have to revise my statement that Henry IV was the first Shakespeare play performed in Australia except that I can argue that Norfolk Island is not part of Australia, but that is a different argument.
They cover such issues as indigenous self-determination in the commonwealth of nations, sovereignty, land claims and colonial authority, rethinking policing, women and the invisibility of structural privilege, trust, identified parliamentary seats (including Saami parliaments), dispute management, and case studies of Norfolk Island, the Maori, the Solomon Islands, Canada and Aoteara/New Zealand.
Defending men's champion Alex Marshall and his partner Paul Foster chalked up their third win in the men's pairs, beating Norfolk Island 17-2 7-7, and are the only unbeaten team in their group.
The recorded histories of Norfolk Island during its time as a secondary penal settlement usually give detailed accounts of the convict uprisings of 1834 and 1846 (the 'cooking pot' mutiny) and the executions which followed them, but little is recorded concerning the July 1839 mutiny of the guard detachment of the 80th Regiment, The Staffordshire Volunteers, later 2nd Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment, and there is a corresponding lack of knowledge of the incident by the residents of the island.
In a curious coincidence, the other place whose history is tied up in the story of those mutineers, Norfolk Island, has recently been torn apart by the only two murders in its 148-year post-penal history.
For the most recalcitrant offenders there was the prospect of a second transportation, this time across the Pacific to Norfolk Island, a tiny piece of land 1,000 miles off the Austrialian coast.
Instead, Santa rode an outrigger, elves wore aloha shirts and a Norfolk Island pine was the traditional Christmas tree.

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