Norfolk Island pine

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Norfolk Island pine:

see monkey-puzzle treemonkey-puzzle tree,
evergreen tree (Araucaria araucana) native to Chile and widely cultivated elsewhere as an ornamental. The symmetrical branches have an unusual angularity and are completely covered by the stiff, overlapping leaves.
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Cottesloe Beach with its Norfolk pines and seaside cafes is a hot spot - as is Scarbourough for surf and fun.
The resort's Lodge at Koele is hugged by grand Cook Island pine trees as well as old Norfolk pines.
Small palms, oleanders and even Norfolk pines have done very well, with the palms and pines now being over 10 feet tall and still growing.
Between the two strips of building is what Popov calls a 'street', a pedestrian way which runs north-south through the site, widens in the middle to accommodate a couple of Norfolk pines, and makes provision for communal barbecues.
The Norfolk pines were sheared of all their branches, but since the trunks are flexible, many of the tops survived.
It is a place verdant with Manila palms, lehua trees and their fluffy flowers, scarlet or yellow hibiscus, mango trees and tamarind, giant Norfolk pines, purple morning glories, and carmine bougainvillaea billowing out of an old kettle.