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A coarse-grained plutonic rock composed principally of basic plagioclase with orthopyroxene (hypersthene) as the dominant mafic material. Also known as hypersthenfels.
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(Norwegian norit, from Norge, “Norway”), a rock of basic composition in the gabbro group. It differs from gabbro in that it contains a rhombic pyroxene, usually bronzite but sometimes enstatite and hypersthene. When both pyroxenes are present the rock is called gabbro-norite. The remaining minerals are those in gabbro. Plagioclase with more than 50 percent anorthite predominates; olivine is often present; and various ore minerals such as magnetite, titanmagnetite, and sulfides occur as insignificant impurities. Norite typically has a low SiO2 content (45–55 percent), significant amounts of Mg and Ca (10–20 percent), and a negligible alkali content (rarely more than 2–3 percent). It is used as a building material.

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In 2018 the Company modified the exploration strategy to target specific high magnesium oxide (MgO) zones within the norite and to drill deeper within the intrusion to identify significant nickel-copper-cobalt sulphide mineralization.
Norite is an intrusive igneous rock and is predominantly composed of orthopyroxene and plagioclase.
The Muslim Bagh ophiolite gabbros include olivine gabbro, gabbro-norite, norite and hornblende gabbro.
The rock mass is mainly composed of anorthosite and norite in the northern slope area.
Taciau Tarptautine telekomunikacijo sajunga (ITU) (2006) teigia: "Norite suzinoti, kokia ataka daro informacines ir rysio technologijos?
Brakial norite bagli serratus anterior kasi disfonksiyonu olan hastalarda ani baslangicli ve siddetli omuz agrisi ve siddetli omuz agrisini takiben omuz cevresi kaslarda atrofi ve gucsuzluk sikayeti gelismesi tipiktir (1,16-18).
In the first part of the study, L-D characteristics of norite, granite, sandstone, limestone, marble and siltstone dry rock samples were studied to understand the behaviour of L-D curves.
In addition, it contains olivine norite and associated troctolite, the position of which within the sequence is uncertain.
The predominantly norite rock matrix contained pyrrhotite as the major sulphide with small amounts of pentlandite [(Fe,Ni)9 S8] and chalcopyrite (CuFe[S.sub.2]) (Anderson, 1997).
The site at which the Van der Stel party excavated into the copper-stained norite is today a National Monument.