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see teacher trainingteacher training,
professional preparation of teachers, usually through formal course work and practice teaching. Although the concept of teaching as a profession is fairly new, most teachers in industrialized nations today are college or university educated.
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This led to her expulsion and to the Normal College being discussed on the floor of the House of Commons.
In 1917, East Texas State Normal College in Commerce was established, and, in 1920, Sul Ross State Normal School in Alpine was created.
Now, as the universities in New Orleans battle seemingly insurmountable odds, these writers have once again taken on the task of telling the stories of their fellow students, along with faculty and administrators, who are trying to extract from the chaos something that resembles normal college life.
THE wide and varied course at the Scottish Racing Academy is a far cry from normal college or varsity life - there are few late nights or long lies.
You could drop a tray of these plants on the ground and they wouldn't shatter like the ordinary plants which were being fed normal college water.
The visit took place at Bangor Normal College, which is now part of the University of Wales.
Sainsbury's benefits from extra footfall while the colleges gain rent free space to set up facilities outside a normal college environment.
McIver and Alderman traveled the state holding educational training institutes and promoting the development of a normal college for women, which eventually opened in Greensboro in 1892 (now the University of North Carolina at Greensboro).
We felt that the production of a commercial CD would prepare them for work in the industry better than normal college assessments.
Grace Ryan, an instructor in physical education at Central Michigan Normal College (now Central Michigan University) in the early 1920s, wondered why the curriculum included only European dances.
5) Browning, a graduate of Chicago Normal College and one-time graduate student at Columbia University, revealed to readers in a May 1945 issue of Negro Story that her inspiration to begin the magazine had come from reading Roi Ottley's 1943 New World A-Coming: Inside Black America.
In summary, this study was based on the premise that students at the American University of Beirut were able to successfully cope with the Lebanese civil war and fashion a relatively normal college life.