Norman Lindsay

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Lindsay, Norman,

1879–1969, Australian cartoonist. Born into an eminent family of Australian artists, Lindsay became chief cartoonist of the Sydney Bulletin in 1901. His vigorous illustrations include watercolors, lithographs, and etchings. His drawings have been collected in several volumes.
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Treasurer Norman Lindsay with Bob McBrien at the Moorside Park Bowling Club; Picture: GEOFF ROBERTS
Albert, The Magic Pudding John Cleese Bunyip Bluegum Geoffrey Rush Sam Sawnoff Sam Neill Bill Barnacle Hugo Weaving Meg Bluegum Toni Collette Buncle Jack Thompson Uncle Wattleberry Dave Gibson Rumpus Bumpus John Laws Ginger Mary Coustas Norman Lindsay's book "The Magic Pudding: The Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum" has been a favorite with Aussie children since it was published in 1918, partly because it celebrates Down Under flora and fauna with tremendous affection.
Lambert also contributed some illustrations to Steele Rudd's On Our Selection although most of the drawings in that work are by Norman Lindsay. There are probably other books published by this famous Australian publisher with George Lambert illustrations.
The best known example is his support of Hugh McCrae (1876-1958), poet, actor and artist and close friend of Lionel and Norman Lindsay from the period when the three worked together on the Rambler (1899).
Souter, Lionel Lindsay, Norman Lindsay and Eirene Mort to 'enter the lists in Sydney [of bookplate designers]'.
These were followed by a series of bookplates by Lindsay family members for Lane Mullins family members: three etchings by Norman Lindsay for John Lane Mullins, Jeannie and John Lane Mullins, and Jeannie, all 1906; (20) a pen-and-ink design, also by Norman for Brendan Lane Mullins, 1907, and one by Ruby Lind for Marjorie Mary Lane Mullins, 1908.
With his first letter he enclosed two of his John Sands die-sinkers, the Spence plate of 1892 and a Norman Lindsay design.
For the meetings of the Australian Ex Libris Society he spoke three times in 1923, on bookplates generally, on those of Norman Lindsay, and on Spanish bookplates and their designers; in 1926 and 1927 on the earliest Australian bookplates; and at the August 1933 meeting, in the absence of J.
(12) Hugh McCrae, 'The bookplate work of Norman Lindsay' in Australian Ex Libris Society, Journal No.
Treasurer Norman Lindsay said: "The insurance will only cover about half the total cost so the members will have to find the rest, which will be a real struggle."
The paper's masthead design by eighteen-year-old Norman Lindsay is reproduced on the cover of the book.