Norman style

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Romanesque style

Romanesque style
An architectural style emerging in Western Europe primarily in the 11th century and lasting until the advent of Gothic architecture in the 12th century; based on Roman and Byzantine elements; found especially in churches and castles; usually characterized by round arches and by massive articulated walls, barrel vaults, groined vaults, ribbed vaults; semicircular arches; served as the basis for the Richardson Romanesque style and occasionally used as a synonym for it.
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Lord of the Rings was the only film on last night's agenda -and in true Barry Norman style,Ross refused to uncross his legs all night.
Ringers at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford have been delving into their records to find a Norman style that will add authenticity to the play by French writer Jean Anouilh.
Its Norman style, stone vaulting and sturdy, decorated pillars are easily recognised features in many scenes of the film.