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Swed. Sverige, officially Kingdom of Sweden, constitutional monarchy (2015 est. pop. 9,764,000), 173,648 sq mi (449,750 sq km), N Europe, occupying the eastern part of the Scandinavian peninsula.
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The label on the pack will make the Norrland dairy region a household name throughout Sweden.
With these in Norrland, Kungsleden is now exiting ten regions, namely Borlange, Falun, Harjedalen, Harnosand, Lulea, Nordmaling, Solleftea, Sundsvall, Soderhamn and Timra.
Three selected samples were taken from Southern Norrland (Sample No.
Wildly inventive despite their constraints, Soderstrom's games range from the twitchy psychedelic shoot-'em-up Ad Nauseam 2 (2008) to the contemplative metanarrative side-scroller Psychosomnium (2008) to Norrland (2010), an ultraviolent variant of The Oregon Trail set in the rednecky Scandinavian hinterlands.
16 April 2010 - The Swedish airspace will now gradually reopen for traffic starting with the northern region of Norrland, the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration (LFV) said today on its website.
LFV says the domestic trend continues with an increase in traffic to Norrland and Stockholm-Bromma, as seen earlier this year, and states that one very positive sign is that international traffic also increased in October.
Present mainly in areas of Norrland, it is not clear what the original meaning of this practice were, especially as the sun hardly sets in these northern regions during peak summer months.
Nephropathia epidemica: high risk in Norrland during winter [in Swedish].
Suecia Suecia 14,189% 1001 Estocolmo 12,509% 1402 Suecia Centro Oriental 16,486% 1403 Suecia Meridional 14,649% 1404 Suecia Centro Septentrional 14,441% 1405 Norrland Central 13,905% 1406 Norrland Septentrional 16,765% 1407 Smaland e islas 15,035% 1408 Suecia Occidental 14,924% 15.
We are grateful to Analytica AB and to the EU's structural fund for Objective 1 Norra Norrland for financial support.
Geographically, the country has been categorized into four regions--the south of Sweden (Skane, Kronoberg and Halland counties), the middle regions Gotaland and Svealand (including the capital city of Stockholm), and Norrland, the northern part of Sweden.
Jazz CD of the week Jonas Knutsson/Johan Norberg - Norrland (ACT 9014-2) This refreshing and charming duo album is full of oldfashioned, homespun nutrients.