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Swed. Sverige, officially Kingdom of Sweden, constitutional monarchy (2015 est. pop. 9,764,000), 173,648 sq mi (449,750 sq km), N Europe, occupying the eastern part of the Scandinavian peninsula.
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West-Vlaanderen BE25 4 Etela-Suomi FI18 4 Lansi-Suomi FI19 4 Pohjois- ja Ita-Suomi FI1A 4 Valle d'Aosta/Vallee d'Aoste ITC2 4 Provincia Autonoma di ITD1 4 Bolzano/Bozen Provincia Autonoma di Trento ITD2 4 Smaland med oarna SE21 4 Norra Mellansverige SE31 4 Mellersta Norrland SE32 4 Comunidad Valenciana ES52 5 Canarias (ES) ES70 5 Campania ITF3 5 Puglia ITF4 5 Calabria ITF6 5 Sicilia ITG1 5 Sardegna ITG2 5 Wien AT13 6 Steiermark AT22 6 Prov.
The label on the pack will make the Norrland dairy region a household name throughout Sweden.
It took place in Stockholm and Gothenburg; party activity in Norrland had already been disrupted by the dispatch of communists to Storsien workers' camp.
In 1955 Skogen presented its last item on forest pasture: 'Forest pasture on the retreat in Norrland'.
With these in Norrland, Kungsleden is now exiting ten regions, namely Borlange, Falun, Harjedalen, Harnosand, Lulea, Nordmaling, Solleftea, Sundsvall, Soderhamn and Timra.
The least populated EU regions are Iceland and the northernmost Swedish region of Upper Norrland, with little over three inhabitants per square km.
Kyrkstolderna i Norrland och kuppen mot Munchmuseet i Oslo' in Johan Karnfelt (ed.) I skuggan av samtiden: en vanbok till Sven-Eric Liedman och Amanda Peralta.
Lundin, 'Lika oriktigt som det ar att halla pa bladning lika fornuftsvidrigt ar det att endast fororda trakthuggning: tidiga kalhyggen i Norrland' [Early clear-cuts--A study on early clear-cutting in northern Sweden] (Umea, MSc Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 2011).
Upper Dummy variable = 1 if residence is 0.060 0.054 Norrland in Vast.erbolten or Norrbolten counties.
Dr Ulf Segerberg, of Norrland's University Hospital, in Umea, where Peter is being treated, said: "In the car, he had very warm clothes, he had a warm sleeping bag, and as the car was snowed under, that would have made it more like an igloo."
Wildly inventive despite their constraints, Soderstrom's games range from the twitchy psychedelic shoot-'em-up Ad Nauseam 2 (2008) to the contemplative metanarrative side-scroller Psychosomnium (2008) to Norrland (2010), an ultraviolent variant of The Oregon Trail set in the rednecky Scandinavian hinterlands.
Three selected samples were taken from Southern Norrland (Sample No.