Norte de Santander

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Norte de Santander


a department in northeastern Colombia. Area, 20,800 sq km. Population, 627,000 (1971). The capital is Cùcuta.

There is oil drilling and refining in the Catatumbo River basin. Sugarcane and coffee are cultivated in the river valleys and near Cúcuta. Wheat, barley, corn, and potatoes are grown in the spurs of the Cordillera Oriental and are processed locally.

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The Black Hawk EJC-2185 helicopter blasted after a landmine was activated by the FARC in a rural area of Teorama municipality, located in the Norte de Santander Department, the Colombian army said in an online statement.
However, during the meeting, the ministers also talked about the possibility of supplying with gas the state of TEichira, southwest Venezuela, from Norte de Santander Department, Colombia, Acosta stated without giving details about the volumes as well as set up a joint venture between Colombian company Ecopetrol and Venezuelan oil giant Pdvsa.

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