North Borneo

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North Borneo


British North Borneo:

see SabahSabah
, state (1991 pop. 1,736,902), 28,417 sq mi (73,600 sq km), Malaysia, N Borneo, on the South China and Sulu seas. It is bordered on the south by Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). The capital is Kota Kinabalu; other significant towns are Sandakan and Victoria.
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, Malaysia.
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Nene Pimentel said Sabah and North Borneo should be part of the measure.
Other books followed, including a book on North Borneo for the Corona series on Britain's dependencies published by HMSO in 1960.
Macaskie (formerly in colonial service in North Borneo and the Head of the Borneo-Planning Unit in 1945-46) who suggested restoring to Brunei its former districts, including the Fifth Division, before creating a unified Borneo administration.
Review: The Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo by Henry Ling Roth".
Manila Times/Manila While the late Sultan Jamalul Kiram III was laid to rest yesterday, the Council of Elders of the Sultanate of Sulu and north Borneo are set to meet, to choose his successor.
Working under the name of the Royal Security Forces of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo (RSFSSNB), its mission was apparently instigated by Sultan Jamalul Kiram III.
In 1878 the Sultanate of Sulu leased Sabah province to the British North Borneo Co.
The British claim to North Borneo was subsequently recognized by the Spanish (who controlled the Philippines then), and in 1885 the Spanish agreed to relinquish their claim as well as the Sultan of Sulu's claim, to sovereignty over northern Borneo," said Nicholas Heras, an analyst at the Jamestown Foundation and at the private firm '361 Security.
At the same time, Misuari virtually admitted MNLF's role in the occupation of Village Tandua, adding that his great grandfather was the original owners of Sabah in North Borneo, and Malaysian state Sarawak.
Operations room Step into the captain's shoes and control a fleet of ships off north Borneo.
Federal police chief Ismail Omar said in a statement that based on intelligence and police investigation, the 13 were arrested between Monday and Wednesday for ''attempts to revive a militant movement in Sabah,'' the Malaysian state in north Borneo.
Competitors and their families will likely check into hotels in Kota Kinabalu Airport where they can be close to the action which will take them through the spectacular scenery of North Borneo, against a backdrop of the mighty Mount Kinabalu, as they compete with maps and compasses.

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