North Canadian

North Canadian,

river, 760 mi (1,223 km) long, rising in NE N.Mex., and flowing SE through Okla. to join the Canadian River in the Eufaula reservoir, E Okla. Federal dams and reservoirs on the river and its tributary, Wolf Creek, are part of the Arkansas River basin project for flood control and other purposes.
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It also prohibits well development in city parks or platted property, creates noise restrictions, restricts well workover and service hours and bars future development of wells within city limits or within 1,000 feet of the North Canadian River bank.
Acquiring the best work from Inuit artists, who are represented by a number of North Canadian Inuit cooperatives, is now the work of current director Jean-Francois Brousseau, which he has been doing for almost two decades.
Stefan once tasted a north Canadian Inuit delicacy, year-old rotted walrus meat, but he won't be bringing any along to Birmingham.
Stefan once tasted a north Canadian Inuit delicacy, year-old rotten walrus meat, but he won't be bringing any along to Birmingham.
He set off from Nova Scotia with a crew of eight last week and will spend two months along the North Canadian coast inside the Arctic Circle.
He moved to Calgary in 1951 to join North Canadian Oil, eventually assuming the role of vice-president and director of the company and its affiliate, Northwestern Pulp and Power, until 1966.
Among the honorees is a broad-canopied bur oak along the banks of the North Canadian River in Oklahoma City.
The North Canadian River lies south of the 1889 Oklahoma City town site and bisects the modern, 620--square-mile city from west to east.
AT3 Wesley Hollingsworth of VQ-3, Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., was on his way home on 16 January when he saw three vehicles parked alongside the North Canadian River.
The plants include the 80-mgd North Canadian Plant, the 10-mgd Deer Creek Plant, the 6-mgd South Canadian Plant, and the 5-mgd Chisholm Creek Treatment Plant.
Three of the world's largest food and consumer product trade associations established the North American Alliance (NAA), an organization uniting North Canadian American and Mexican business interests.
Jim Thorpe's family would have the circle closed where he was born and grew up: in the blackjack woods, between the Moccasin Highway and Oklahoma's North Canadian River.

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