Horn of Africa

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Horn of Africa,

peninsula, NE Africa, opposite the S Arabia Peninsula. Also known as the Somali Peninsula, it encompasses Somalia and E Ethiopia and is the easternmost extension of the continent, separating the Gulf of Aden from the Indian Ocean. The term Horn of Africa is also used for the surrounding African region, consisting of the countries of Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, and, in some cases, Sudan and other neighboring nations.

Horn of Africa

a region of NE Africa, comprising Somalia and adjacent territories
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8220;He has done a great job securing new business opportunities in Egypt and surrounding regions considering the difficult circumstances of unrest in the Middle East and North East Africa in recent years.
Volumes 1 and 2 of Nabta Playa are a superb addition to the prehistory of the eastern Sahara, but the rich data they offer are compromised by rigid adherence to what remains a highly questionable hypothesis for the origins of herding economies in North East Africa.
The award was received by Isil Yalcin, President Ericsson North East Africa.
Rafiah Ibrahim, Head of Region Middle East and North East Africa at Ericsson, says: "Ethiopia's 3G market is rapidly growing, driven by Ethiopian's high demand on connectivity.
Rafiah Ibrahim, president of Ericsson Region Middle East and North East Africa, said: "Our Smart School competitions revealed the potential amongst Middle East youths as the future leaders of the Networked Society.
Rafiah Ibrahim, Ericsson's president and head of region - Middle East and North East Africa, said: "As a provider of information and communications technologies and solutions, we consider ourselves enablers of the Networked Society.
8220;We wanted the right person to help us develop our business in Egypt and north east Africa.
Ramy Mostafa, vice president of the Industry Business Unit at Schneider Electric North East Africa, said: "Monitoring systems in the water industry have given plant operators unprecedented capabilities to monitor and control all aspects of water production and distribution from a centralized control room.
AoThis is an exciting opportunity for OKI,Ao said John Ross, general manager, Middle East, India and North East Africa, OKI Printing Solutions, Aoas the MFPs represent the fastest growing sector of the print market.
Middle East and North East Africa data traffic will grow 14 times between 2014 to 2020, as the latest Mobility report for the Middle East and North East Africa (RMEA) reveals.
Ahmed El-Sheikh, SVP and General Manager of the North East Africa Unit at PepsiCo Egypt, told Daily News Egypt that the number of Egyptian workers is about 21,000.
Isil Yalcin, president of Ericsson North East Africa Unit

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