North Minch

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North Minch,

strait: see MinchMinch
or North Minch,
strait, 20 to 45 mi (32–72 km) wide, separating the N Outer Hebrides from the mainland of Scotland. Little Minch, to the southwest, 14 to 20 mi (23–32 km) wide, separates Skye island from the middle Outer Hebrides islands.
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, Scotland.
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The Isle of Skye in Scotland covering 1,656 [km.sup.2] is the largest, most northerly island in the Inner Hebrides It is located on the north-west coast of the Scottish Highlands, bounded on the north by the North Minch (an Atlantic sea channel between the Outer Hebrides islands to the west and the mainland of Scotland to the east), on the west by the Little Minch (a channel between the Isle of Skye and the outer Hebrides), to the south by the Sea of the Hebrides and to the east by Scotland (Figure 1).

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