North Platte National Wildlife Refuge

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North Platte National Wildlife Refuge

Address:c/o Crescent Lake NWR
115 Railway St
Scottsbluff, NE 69363

Established: 1916.
Location:Panhandle of Western Nebraska.
Facilities:Boat launch, hiking trails.
Activities:Canoeing, fishing, ice fishing, hiking, educational programs.
Special Features:As many as 20 bald eagles and more than 200,000 waterfowl may concentrate on the refuge during fall migration. Well over 200 bird species have been observed on the refuge since 1975. Lake Alice has one of the oldest and most successful bald eagle nests in Nebraska.
Habitats: 2,722 acres of grassland and lakes.
Access: Closed to public entry during October, November, and December.
Wild life: Waterfowl and shorebirds; also bald eagles, bullsnake, western plains garter snake, northern leopard frog, black-tailed prairie dog, eastern cottontail, mule and white-tailed deer. Bullsnake, western plains garter snake, and eastern yellow bellied racer are the most common reptiles. The northern leopard frog is the most common amphibian.

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parva in a Sherman live trap on the bank of a narrow perennial stream that borders the southern edge of Stateline Island in North Platte National Wildlife Refuge. The coordinates of the capture site are 41[degrees]59.348'N, 104[degrees]02.980'W.

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