North Platte project

North Platte project,

unit of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, in the North Platte River valley, W Nebr. and E Wyo. It supplies hydroelectric power to many towns and industries and provides irrigation for land extending along the valley from Guernsey, Wyo., to below Bridgeport, Nebr. Among the project's many dams and reservoirs are Guernsey Reservoir, formed by Guernsey Dam (completed 1927), and Pathfinder Reservoir, created by Pathfinder Dam (completed 1909). There are also several large dams on the branches of the North Platte. The power system of the project has been integrated with the Missouri River basin project.
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It is part of the North Platte Project that provides full-service irrigation to 220,000 acres and supplemental irrigation service to 109,000 acres.

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