North Saskatchewan

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North Saskatchewan:

see SaskatchewanSaskatchewan,
river, c.340 mi (550 km) long, formed by the confluence of the North Saskatchewan (c.760 mi/1,220 km long) and the South Saskatchewan (c.550 mi/890 km long) rivers near Prince Albert, central Sask., Canada; the system drains most of the Canadian prairie provinces.
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, river.
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North Saskatchewan

a river in W Canada, rising in W Alberta and flowing northeast, east, and southeast to join the South Saskatchewan River and form the Saskatchewan River. Length: 1223 km (760 miles)
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If they did wish to go they could settle anywhere along the North Saskatchewan and in that country between the International Line and the Belly River; this is the best part of the country for settlement, and would not interfere with the temporary reservations.
In-Fisherman Steven Yanyk fishes the North Saskatchewan River below Tobin Lake near Nipawin.
The arrival of missionaries in the North Saskatchewan River valley coincided with a series of economic and diplomatic crises for the Plains Cree that directly influenced how missionaries organized their work and how Cree responded to them.
Mild winters affected peripheral areas from the eastern Missouri, to the western Foothills of present day Alberta, to the western stretches of the North Saskatchewan, continuing over a period of almost five years until in 1835, when generally unstable and extremely cold winters set in.
It also recognized Metis presence along the North Saskatchewan River in central Alberta, which the current harvesting policy does not do.
Some of the features include activities and tours along the North Saskatchewan River, a number of interpretive trails, and "tipi-style" all-season cabin accommodations.
For the past five years the Fort Saskatchewan Historical Society has held a unique event especially aimed at school children called Peoples of the North Saskatchewan. Fort Saskatchewan is located downstream from Edmonton on the North Saskatchewan River.
The attack may be rare, but the timing is particularly curious because it occurred on the same weekend when a roving gang of beavers attacked a dog in the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta.
Irrelevancies are introduced for their presumed entertainment value ("[Frank] Crean, a terrible alcoholic, was sent to scout for additional agricultural land north of the North Saskatchewan River"--what does his being an alcoholic have to do with anything?).
Moving from north Saskatchewan to Toronto, the little girl in this story recalls all she knows about her home and wonders how she will leave it behind.
Previously, Scott was unit chaplain for the North Saskatchewan Regiment based in Prince Albert and Saskatoon.
The construction of the new North Saskatchewan River bridge officially broke ground on July 19.

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