North Schleswig

North Schleswig:

see SchleswigSchleswig
, Dan. Slesvig, former duchy, N Germany and S Denmark, occupying the southern part of Jutland. The Eider River separates it from Holstein. German Schleswig forms part of Schleswig-Holstein. Danish Schleswig, known as North Schleswig (Dan.
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, duchy.
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'Since 1912, the Danes have celebrated Valdemar Day, and since 1920, it is also a memorial day for the reunification of South Jutland, or North Schleswig, which had been German,' said Ambassador Holmboe.
1864: Denmark surrendered the duchies of Schleswig, Holstein and Saxe-Lauenburg to Prussia and Austria following defeat in the Second Schleswig War: north Schleswig was returned to Denmark following a plebiscite in 1918.
Despite annual winters in Berlin, Nolde (born Hansen), a farmer's son, remained deeply rooted in his native soil in North Schleswig, a region linking the North and Baltic seas.
Despite strong initial opposition from Germany, the required plebiscites in north Schleswig, southern East Prussia, Upper Silesia were scheduled for March 1921.

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