North Slope

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North Slope,

Alaska: see Alaska North SlopeAlaska North Slope
or Arctic North Slope,
region, N Alaska, sloping from the Brooks Range N to the Arctic Ocean. In 1968 large petroleum reserves were found in the Prudhoe Bay area.
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Seismic acquisition company Geokinetics Inc reported on Thursday the receipt of an agreement to acquire and process the Icewine 3D 2018 survey on the North Slope of Alaska.
Also known as the North Slope Rapid Assessment, the tool eliminates the need for the region's permit applicants to develop independent methods for assessing project impacts.
enrolling major North Slope producers to commit their gas to the planned JV or tolling arrangements with the project
Subsequent development brought rapid cultural, social, and technological changes to Alaska's North Slope, and serious and unalterable consequences for its residents.
In a dramatic change from decades-old plans to send North Slope natural gas to domestic US markets by overland pipeline through Canada, the BP and ConocoPhillips CEOs said they will work with ExxonMobil, the third major North Slope oil producer, to develop an LNG project that would export to Asia.
TSX:GPD), an exploration company mandated to become a mid-tier gold producer, has announced the results of 19 Core and RC drill holes from the North Slope Zone at its flagship Brewery Creek Project.
Federal, state, and local agencies manage the biotic and abiotic resources of the North Slope to maintain fish and wildlife populations and their habitats while also allowing energy development.
What's more, about one quarter of the world's hydrates reside within the borders of the United States, in places such as the Alaskan North Slope, the Gulf of Mexico, and Blake Ridge off the coast of South Carolina.
It would transport gas from Alaska's North Slope into Alberta and then down to the lower 48 states.
The state of Alaska received two proposals last month for construction of a pipeline that would feed natural gas from Alaska's North Slope to the Midwestern U.

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