Alaska North Slope

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Alaska North Slope


Arctic North Slope,

region, N Alaska, sloping from the Brooks Range N to the Arctic Ocean. In 1968 large petroleum reserves were found in the Prudhoe BayPrudhoe Bay,
inlet of the Beaufort Sea and Arctic Ocean, N Alaska, in the Alaska North Slope region, east of the Colville River delta. In 1968 one of the largest oil reserves in North America was discovered in Prudhoe Bay.
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 area. In 1977 the 800-mi (1,287 km) Trans-Alaska pipeline was completed to carry oil S to the port of Valdez, on the Pacific. Proposals for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, E of Prudhoe Bay, have brought continuing controversy. A 2003 National Research Council report on drilling concluded that lasting environmental damage had resulted because the harsh climate slows natural recovery and because there is little incentive to restore areas where drilling has ceased.
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From the Aleutians to Southeast and the North Slope, Alaska is so diverse and so unique, having contractors that are familiar with those logistics and those challenges [is important]," Andraschko says.
While some independent companies are in the early stages of exploring shale on the North Slope, Alaska is far from any shale production, Foerster said.
The Company has made a decision to expand the business plan of Kenai Offshore so as to allow for the possibility that the proposed jack-up rig could also be used as a primary drilling rig for anticipated drilling operations by multi-national companies in the Chukchi Sea, and/or Beaufort Sea located offshore the North Slope, Alaska (see attached map) or as a relief rig (which could become a requirement under new OCS regulations).
With the discovery of the oil and natural gas reserves on the North Slope, Alaska was thrust into the limelight of the U.
99,360 acres onshore North Slope, Alaska with 10 year lease term
Because animal issues are such a concern on the North Slope, Alaska Clean Seas works closely with the Alaska Zoo and Alaska SeaLife Center and a number of federal and state agencies and private organizations to deal with matters ranging from hazing ravens to prevent them from building nests on oil platforms to capturing orphaned polar bear cubs.

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