North Vietnam

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North Vietnam:

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, officially Socialist Republic of Vietnam, republic (2005 est. pop. 83,536,000), 128,400 sq mi (332,642 sq km), Southeast Asia. Occupying the eastern coastline of the Southeast Asian peninsula, Vietnam is bounded by China on the north, by Laos and Cambodia on the west,
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North Vietnam

a region of N Vietnam, on the Gulf of Tonkin: an independent Communist state from 1954 until 1976. Area: 164 061 sq. km (63 344 sq. miles)
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Fortunately, a concise account of this climactic air campaign can be found in Wayne Thompson's comprehensive history of USAF operations against North Vietnam from 1966-1973, To Hanoi and Back.
One chapter details how North Vietnam viewed and spun the story to its people.
Not much in When Thunder Rolled is new: flying the Thunderchief in combat over North Vietnam in the mid-1960s was hazardous to one's health; the theory of gradualism wasted air men's lives without having much impact on enemy decisions; and micromanagement of field leadership from afar had similar effects.
112) Nearly every night until the end of Rolling Thunder, the 44th TFS scheduled two to four F- 105F Commando Nail missions into the southern portion of North Vietnam to interdict the flow of supplies to North Vietnamese forces in South Vietnam.
Welspun will be responsible to supplying pipes for the first phase of 2,500km spanning from Malaysia to North Vietnam, while PCK for another 1,500km for the second phase spanning from China to South Korea.
Sytin also confirmed to the Inquirer that they are getting the services of Branislav, the European tour veteran who last coached a North Vietnam club during the AVC Clubs.
Cycle through mountain scenery and past the rice paddies of North Vietnam towards Laos, then through remote tribal villages and riverside towns to reach Luang Prabang.
By the summer of 1969, despite aggressive military action in South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, it became clear that the Government of North Vietnam was not interested in a peace that included a permanent partition of the country.
When President Nixon ordered B-52s to bomb North Vietnam in 1972, I was working out of Tan Son Nhut AB.
Synopsis: Linda Baer was born Nguyen Thi Loan, in the village of Tao Xa, Thai Binh Province, in North Vietnam in 1947.
Thompson began paying close attention to the bombing of North Vietnam after he joined the Air Force History and Museums Program a decade after he was an Army draftee assigned to an Air Force intelligence station in Taiwan during the Vietnam War.

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