Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police,

constabulary organized (1873) as the Northwest Mounted Police to bring law and order to the Canadian west. In 1920 the name was changed to the present title. The corps, which gained a romantic reputation for daring exploits and persistence in trailing criminals, originally numbered 300 men; they came to be known as Red Coats, Riders of the Plains, and, most popularly, Mounties. The force later absorbed the provincial police forces of all the territories and provinces except Ontario and Quebec and enforces all federal and provincial laws except in those provinces. It also takes part in selected international peacekeeping activites. The force numbers about 16,000.
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Their name was later changed to Royal North-West Mounted police and finally the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Superintendent Leif Crozier of the North-West Mounted Police was in command of Fort Carlton at the time of the Duck Lake incident.
The first mention of contact between the Mormons and the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) was apparently a pleasant one which took place on Card's first exploratory trip, as noted in his diary of October 25, 1886: "This morning we drove up st.
Designed to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the arrival of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) and the founding of Fort Calgary in 1875, the event drew record-breaking crowds and attracted international attention.
In the summer of 1875, after the North-West Mounted Police had been at Fort Macleod for only a few months, they learned that a party of Kootenay Indians had crossed the mountains from British Columbia but were afraid of being attacked by the police.
When Richard Barrington Nevitt joined the North-West Mounted Police in 1874, he promised his fiancee Lizzie that he would write her long, newsy diary-type letters at every opportunity.
Captain Chalmers' full name was Thomas Wellington Chalmers and, in addition to being an officer in the North-West Mounted Police and serving in the Boer War, he was the surveyor who laid out one of the most controversial sections of the Klondike Trail north of Edmonton.
About the only important thing the North-West Mounted Police and Texas Rangers had in common was that they started about the same time.
Introduction--Sir Cecil Denny was one of the original members of the North-West Mounted Police and took part in the Great March of 1874.
One of the early Canadian cartoonists was Henri Julien, a Montreal newspaper artist who accompanied the North-West Mounted Police on their trek west in 1874.
Remington also found the North-West Mounted Police impressive, and made a special stop in Regina to add to his sketches.

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