Northage, Ivy

Northage, Ivy

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Despite one or two isolated instances of clairvoyance as a child, Ivy Northage had no idea she would grow up to be one of England’s most respected Spiritualist mediums. Her serious involvement began with attempts at table tipping. She explained, “[I] received amazing evidence from my father whom I never knew since he was killed when I was only three months old. Intimate details of the three short years of my parents’ marriage, which I could not possibly have known, were given, and later confirmed by my mother. This left no doubt whatsoever it was indeed my father communicating. The accuracy was astounding….”

With her husband, Northage started attending Spiritualist services. Her husband read many books on the subject, but a medium with whom they sat told him not to bother any more with table tipping, because his wife, Ivy, had the making of an excellent medium.

After a few months, Northage began to get the feeling of becoming two people, a “peculiar overshadowing of someone else, although still aware” of herself. This was her introduction to Chan, an Oriental who became her spirit guide. Chan led her through development, which included visits to many different Spiritualist churches to critique the techniques of different mediums. Northage made her first public appearance after eight years of development, at a Spiritualist church in Walthamstow, East London. This eventually led to her teaching development classes. From there Ivy Northage became one of the best known teaching mediums in Britain.


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