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town (1990 pop. 13,371), Worcester co., S Mass., on the Blackstone River; settled 1704, set off from Uxbridge and inc. 1772. Wood furniture, paper products, and stereo components are manufactured.


The single integrated circuit in a core logic chip set that connects the CPU to the system memory and the AGP and PCI busses. Other functions are provided by the southbridge chip.


The high-speed part of a common chipset architecture in a computer. The Northbridge is the controller that interconnects the CPU to memory via the frontside bus (FSB). It also connects peripherals via high-speed channels such as PCI Express. The Northbridge may include a display controller, obviating the need for a separate graphics card.

The Southbridge controller handles the remaining I/O, including the PCI bus, parallel and Serial ATA drives (IDE), USB, FireWire, serial and parallel ports and audio ports. Earlier chipsets supported the ISA bus in the Southbridge. Starting with Intel's 8xx chipsets, Northbridge and Southbridge were changed to Memory Controller and I/O Controller (see Intel Hub Architecture).
Northbridge Connects CPU to:
      Built-in graphics
      PCI Express (PCIe)

      Southbridge Connects CPU to:
      SATA drives
      USB bus
      Built-in audio

Northbridge/Southbridge Chipset
The Northbridge part of the chipset controls the high-speed channels, while the Southbridge controls the lower speed devices.
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