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1. the point of the compass or direction midway between north and east, 45? clockwise from north
2. any area lying in or towards this direction
3. of or denoting the northeastern part of a specified country, area, etc.
4. (esp of the wind) from the northeast


the northeastern part of England, esp Northumberland, Durham, and the Tyneside area
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com/article/2012/11/02/china-military-stealth-idUSL3E8M23LS20121102) according to Reuters , made its maiden flight Wednesday in the northeast province of Liaoning at a facility owned by its builder, the Shenyang Aircraft Corp.
Meanwhile, in the northeast province of Mareb, insurgents attacked military police on the road which links the capital of Sanaa and the northeast province of Mareb, leading to seven deaths and 6 severely injured.
In the northeast province of Hassakeh, the Observatory said that Kurdish fighters managed to seize another village from the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, an al-Qaeda affiliate.
In the northeast province of Raqa on Sunday, fighters from the jihadist Al-Nusra Front and other rebel battalions took over an army company in Tabqa along the Euphrates river, securing a major cache of artillery and ammunition and taking control of a key checkpoint in the town, the Observatory said.
The Ebola cases turned up in Isiro and Viadana, two towns in the northeast province of Orietntale.
Investigations revealed that the eight most-wanted terrorists were involved in a number of criminal and acts of sabotage in the northeast province of Mareb and southeast province of Shabwa," said the statement.
An 18-month FedEx-sponsored campaign to raise public awareness of glaucoma is currently underway in China's northeast province of Liaoning.
The Observatory also reported that unidentified attackers blew up an oil pipeline in the northeast province of Hasaka, Syria's main oil-producing region.
On July 22, a wind-whipped fire in the northeast province of Catalonia near the border with France scorched 14,000 hectares (35,000 acres), claiming four lives.
In its first meeting since application procedures for China-based projects were eased last month, the ministry's Investment Commission approved Formosa Plastics' application to pour $43 million into the establishment of a subsidiary in Ningbo, in China's northeast province of Zhejiang, for the production and sales of PVC.
OTCBB:CNOA), a growth-driven agricultural and products company leading China's organic foods revolution, today announced a retail distribution agreement with Huaxing Foods Limited in Changchun, the capital and largest city in the northeast province of Jilin.
The Daqing oil field, discovered in 1959, is located in China's northeast province of Heilongjiang.

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