Horn of Africa

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Horn of Africa,

peninsula, NE Africa, opposite the S Arabia Peninsula. Also known as the Somali Peninsula, it encompasses Somalia and E Ethiopia and is the easternmost extension of the continent, separating the Gulf of Aden from the Indian Ocean. The term Horn of Africa is also used for the surrounding African region, consisting of the countries of Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, and, in some cases, Sudan and other neighboring nations.

Horn of Africa

a region of NE Africa, comprising Somalia and adjacent territories
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Cultural Markers in the Later-Prehistory of Northeastern Africa and Recent Research (pp.
Scattered blue-grey clouds cover the Mediterranean Sea and the Sinai, while much of northeastern Africa is cloud-free.
The Arab League is a regional organization of Arab states in north and northeastern Africa, and southwestern Asia.
At a House of Representatives committee session, opposition lawmaker Akihisa Nagashima invited Aso to comment on a proposal that the Japanese government order the MSDF to escort ships in the region off northeastern Africa, where many piracy attacks are known to have taken place.
Since the sixteenth century, Idris argues that one of the drivers of state expansion in northeastern Africa was the acquisition of slaves from Southern Sudan, and Western Sudan (Darfur) to a lesser extent.
China leads the list with 29, followed by Cuba at 24 and 14 in Eritrea in Northeastern Africa.
Epidemics of Rift Valley fever, a deadly mosquito-borne disease, rage through northeastern Africa during years of unusual warmth," said the study.
The world's longest river is in northeastern Africa and flows north about 4,160 miles to the sea.
Movement of Arabica coffee cultivation from northeastern Africa, into other parts of the tropics, is often credited to European explorers and buccaneers from Spain, Portugal, Holland, France and Britain.

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