Northern Cape

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Northern Cape,

province (2011 pop. 1,145,861), 144,015 sq mi (372,889 sq km), NW South Africa. In 1994, under South Africa's post-apartheid constitution, Northern Cape was created from the northern portion of the former Cape ProvinceCape Province,
former province, S South Africa. Under the South African constitution of 1994 it was divided into Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, and part of a fourth province, North West.
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. The province is bounded on the north by Botswana, on the east by North West and Free State, on the south by Eastern Cape, on the south and southwest by Western Cape, on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the northwest by Namibia.

The largest province in South Africa, it is also the least populated, lying on an arid plateau that stretches into the KalahariKalahari
, arid plateau region, c.100,000 sq mi (259,000 sq km), in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. The Kalahari, covered largely by reddish sand, lies between the Orange and Zambezi rivers and is studded with dry lake beds. Yearly rainfall varies from 5 in. (12.
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 desert in the north. The Orange River, joined by the Vaal River, flows westward through the province and forms Northern Cape's border with Namibia before emptying into the Atlantic. The capital and largest city is KimberleyKimberley
, city, now part and seat of Sol Plaatje local municipality, Northern Cape prov., South Africa. Since the 19th cent. the city has been primarily a diamond-mining center, but underground mining, which had not been profitable for some time, was halted in mid-2005.
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Sheep farming is important in the Karoo, a semidesert region that covers much of the province. Grapes and other fruit are grown in the Orange River valley. Iron ore and diamonds are mined; diamond mining, once the most important factor in the economy, has declined in recent years. The San people inhabit the Kalahari, and the area is rich in their rock engravings. The principal languages of Northern Cape are Afrikaans and Setswana.

Northern Cape

the largest but least populated province in South Africa, in the NW part of the country; created in 1994 from part of Cape Province: agriculture, mining (esp diamonds). Capital: Kimberley. Pop.: 899 349 (2004 est.). Area: 139 703 sq. km (361 830 sq. miles)
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The Committee was supposed to be have been briefed on the progress made and challenges faced in relation to the completion of the Northern Cape Psychiatric Hospital.
Wheat used to produce the new pasta, biscuit and flour ranges is sourced from farms in the Northern Cape, where grains known for their very high quality are produced sustainably under irrigation.
The company expects to commence construction on the 100 MW Redstone concentrated solar power project, also in Northern Cape, later this year and is awaiting the outcome of tender submissions for a 300 MW coal-fired plant in Mpumalanga province in eastern South Africa.
The ranking of provincial homicide rates in our study was very similar to the SAPS crime statistics for 2009, with the notable exception of the Northern Cape.
Hematite and magnetite ore deposits are mostly found in the province of Northern Cape.
This project will leave a legacy that will benefit the community of Pofadder, Northern Cape and the entire country.
The railway line is also envisaged to serve as a heavy haulage rail connection point for the manganese rich Hotazel area in South Africa's Northern Cape province.
However Priscilla Naidu, a spokeswoman for the Northern Cape police, denied the men had been forced to wait for medical treatment and police had not held them illegally without charge.
In March, the epidemic had spread to other provinces, mainly Northern Cape, and transmission was ongoing.
It is located on a 600 hectare site close to Upington, in South Africa's Northern Cape Province.
Both are situated in the Northern Cape province, near to the Kalahari desert.
The Kalkbult project, located in the Northern Cape area, was awarded as part of the first phase of the South African government's 3.

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