Northern Crown

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Northern Crown:

see Corona BorealisCorona Borealis
[Lat.,=the northern crown], northern constellation lying between Hercules and Boötes. Its name derives from the crown Bacchus gave Ariadne when she was deserted by Theseus.
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Northern Crown

[′nȯr·thərn ′krau̇n]
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Nearly identical in mass to the sun, Rho Coronae Borealis lies 50 light-years from Earth in the constellation Northern Crown. Robert Noyes of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Mass., and his colleagues report finding the planet in an upcoming Astrophysical Journal Letters.
But is Alphecca's constellation Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown, really a constellation of spring?
Above Serpens Caput, now practically overhead (near the zenith, the center of the chart), are two fascinating constellations: Corona Borealis (the Northern Crown) and Hercules, the legendary strongman.
And it began with a causal comment from the narrator - not Prezza - who casually informed the nation that Liverpool is the "faded jewel in the northern crown".
Below may be seen a circlet of stars called Corona Borealis (Northern Crown) and nearby lies the orange star Arcturus in the constellation of Bootes.
And that means fans will be able to name their own star within the constellation known as Corona Borealis - literally translated as 'Northern Crown.'
Moving northward we encounter the most prominent constellation of the Spring into Summer Zone: Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. But even Corona Borealis has just one reasonably bright star: its alpha star, 2.2-magnitude Alphecca, also known as Gemma.
Look to Arcturus's left for cup-shaped Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. A similar distance lower right of Spica is the quadrilateral of Corvus, the Crow.
This was seven points ahead of their nearest rivals, which clinched the northern crown and propelled them into the national finals.
eye-catching constellations Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown, and

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