Northern Land

Northern Land:

see Severnaya ZemlyaSevernaya Zemlya
[Rus.,=northern land], archipelago, c.14,300 sq mi (37,010 sq km), between the Kara and Laptev seas, Krasnoyarsk Territory, N Siberian Russia, off the Taymyr Peninsula. Extending N of lat.
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, Russia.
References in classic literature ?
There was a chance that the Galus would receive me; but even Ajor could not say definitely whether they would or not, and even provided that they would, could I retrace my steps from the beginning, after failing to find my own people, and return to the far northern land of Galus?
Gosse, whose acquaintance with northern lands and northern literature is special.
Skies the most effulgent but basket the deadliest thunders: gorgeous Cuba knows tornadoes that never swept tame northern lands.
In the course of three weeks he had a very fair shadow, which, when he set out for his home in the northern lands, grew more and more in the journey, so that at last it was so long and so large, that it was more than sufficient.
I hope that this video and song will become a piece of cloud and become the rain soaking the northern land that can contribute to the peaceful reunification that I dream of.
Traditional owners who want a nuclear waste dump on their land are suing the Northern Land Council for more than $17 million, claiming that the federal statutory authority neglected its duty to support their bid to use the land to alleviate crippling poverty.
The program is a partnership between the Department of Education, the Northern Territory Cattlemans Association, Indigenous Land Corporation, Central Land Council, Northern Land Council and Department of Primary Industry and Resources.
The Powwow grounds lay along the northern land route.
I soon experienced the best and the worst of the relationship between First Nations peoples and the hardy souls from around the world who came to inhabit this extraordinary Northern land.
Like a casual visitor, she sets out to experience the northern land through unobtrusive observation, allowing its wonders to reveal themselves.
In the past, the northern land routes through the central Asian regions and Iran were the preferred trafficking route for Afghan heroin.
Refugee traffic has soared over the past year because of the ongoing war in Syria, while arrivals by sea have increased owing to stricter controls on the Greek-Turkish northern land border.

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