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northern lights:

see aurora borealisaurora borealis
and aurora australis
, luminous display of various forms and colors seen in the night sky. The aurora borealis of the Northern Hemisphere is often called the northern lights, and the aurora australis of the Southern Hemisphere is known as the southern
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northern lights

[′nȯr·thərn ′līts]

aurora borealis

The ghostly display of lights in the form of streamers, rays, arcs, bands, curtains, sheets or patches that seem to shimmer and flit across the sky in the Northern Hemisphere. These are most common in higher latitudes centering around magnetic poles. They are associated with magnetic storms on the sun, which appear as sunspots. Also called northern lights.
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Modo Northern Light linerboards are manufactured at Metsa Board's Husum mill in Sweden, which holds PEFC and FSC chain of custody certification as well as environmental and quality certificates.
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The eight-hour flight departed from New Zealand's Dunedin Airport and flew around the icy continent to give 134 passengers a dazzling view of the Southern Lights, a night-sky display akin to the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights phenomenon in the Arctic Circle.
The mere mention of the Northern Lights always conjures up something magical, mysterious and slightly unfathomable.
Additional flights to Tromso and new direct routes to Iceland and Lapland mean Norwegian now offers 12 weekly flights to Northern Lights hotspots.

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