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Northern Pacific Railway,

former American rail line, following the northern route from Duluth and St. Paul, Minn., to Seattle, Wash., and Portland, Oreg. The Northern Pacific RR Company was chartered by special act of Congress in 1864, and construction was begun in 1870. Jay Cooke at first managed the enterprise, but after the Panic of 1873 the railroad company went into bankruptcy. Under the leadership of Henry Billard, the Northern Pacific was opened in 1883 from Ashland, Wis., to Portland, Oreg. The company became the Northern Pacific Railway in 1896. In 1901 there was a spectacular financial contest between the interests of E. H. Harriman and those of James HillHill, James Jerome,
1838–1916, American railroad builder, b. Ontario, Canada. He went to St. Paul, Minn., in 1856. He became a partner of Norman Kittson in a steamboat line and, with Kittson, Donald Alexander Smith (later Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal), and George
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 and J. P. Morgan for control of the Northern Pacific. The Hill-Morgan group secured control, but an agreement between the two groups resulted in the organization of the Northern Securities Company, a giant holding company that controlled the Northern Pacific, the Great Northern, and the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy. When the trust was dissolved (1904) as a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Hill-Morgan interests came into control of the Northern Pacific. In spite of the breakup of the Northern Securities Company, a proposal for a very similar merger was made by a consultant for the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1921. The plan was never acted upon, but 40 years later the Northern Pacific again asked for permission to merge with the Great Northern and the Burlington lines. Finally, in 1970 the Supreme Court approved the consolidation. The merged company became the Burlington Northern RR, which in 1995 merged with the Santa Fe line to form the Burlington Northern Santa Fe RailwayBurlington Northern Santa Fe Railway,
railroad system in much of the United States (except the Northeast) and in S Canada, created in 1995 from the merger of Burlington Northern Inc. and the Santa Fe Pacific Corp. (see Santa Fe RR).
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Jeff Greiner, Managing Partner at Northern Pacific Group, said, "Delaget's core values, drive to innovate, and incredible market opportunity in the restaurant sector are dynamics that we are enthusiastic about supporting.
As part of a US$100 million commitment to island conservation and reducing the impact of climate change, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has committed US$6 million to the Micronesia Challenge, a landmark conservation initiative in the Northern Pacific to effectively conserve 30 per cent of marine resources and 20 per cent of terrestrial resources by 2020.
JAY COOKE'S GAMBLE The Northern Pacific Railroad, the Sioux, and the Panic of 1873 BY M.
Although Globalstar has offered satellite coverage in the region since 2000, the opening of the new gateway will provide enhanced coverage throughout much of Alaska, northwestern British Columbia, the Yukon as well as the Bering Sea and northern Pacific maritime region.
Squirrels in three of the locations lived near Northern Pacific rattlesnakes, while those in the southernmost location lived near a second species, the Southern Pacific rattlesnake.
Then, on the morning of April 18, the Northern Pacific Plate and North American Plate shifted off the coast of San Francisco.
Northern Pacific Railway Company that "lands to which rights and claims of another attach do not fall within the classification of public lands" Rights and claims of ranchers to water rights and grazing easements (range rights) cover virtually all these lands.
and Santa Rosa, California-based Northern Pacific Mortgage have completed an enterprise-level integration to fully automate creation and delivery of compliant mortgage documents using advanced MISMO[R] 2.
After taking off from Hong Kong on Wednesday, the plane flew over the northern Pacific and then over the northern part of the USA before crossing the Atlantic towards Heathrow.
The company recently announced the expansion of its number of operating regions from eight to ten by separating the Southwest region into the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions, and the Northern Pacific region into the Northern California and Pacific Northwest regions.
Hilleys [a clerk] of the Northern Pacific Land Office," Boyle became a boarder.
The front is coming from the northern Pacific and working its way down the coast,'' said meteorologist Bruce Rockwell with the Weather Service.

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