Northern Star

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Northern Star


(1) An Irish revolutionary newspaper, published in Belfast from July 1792 through May 1797. It was the organ of the United Irishmen society.

(2) The main organ of the English Chartists from the late 1830’s to the early 1850’s; the first issue appeared in November 1837. The founder and editor in chief was F. O’Connor, and G. Harney joined the editorial staff in the mid-1840’s. The paper reflected the views of the revolutionary wing of Chartism. At the height of the Chartist movement its circulation exceeded 50,000. Between 1843 and 1850 the Northern Star published articles and letters contributed by F. Engels. After the Revolution of 1848–49, under the influence of the reformist vacillations of O’Connor (and of Harney after 1851), the Northern Star lost its revolutionary orientation.

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