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see NorsemenNorsemen,
name given to the Scandinavian Vikings who raided and settled on the coasts of the European continent in the 9th and 10th cent. They are also referred to as Northmen or Normans.
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On May 21, 1863, he printed a lengthy article naming the various businesses, stores, hotels, and other establishments, as well as many of the homes, that had been ravaged by the Northmen.
Seven little kingdoms, Northmen wouldn't wait, But started the Northumbrian state, and then there were eight.
In Nordic Religions one will not find an exposition of a pagan pantheon of deities as in Gabriel Turville-Petre's Myth and Religion of the North (New York: Holt, Rineheart and Winston, 1964) or Georges Dumezil's Gods of the Ancient Northmen (1959; Eng.
The Vikings, or Northmen, were, with the Gaels and the English, a formative if often overlooked force in Irish history.
Struminski demonstrates that the name was known to the Northmen as early as 997 because of the appearance of the name in the Scandinavian sagas and its association with Eastern Europe and St.
Many league observers believe it will be either the Arrows, the Orangeville Northmen, who were off to a 9-0 start, or the Whitby Warriors, who lost just one of their first nine contests, who will end up winning the OLA crown and thus playing host to the Minto Cup.
From the grim Chaos northmen, to the treacherous dark elves and bloodthirsty greenskins, the villains in FORGED BY CHAOS represent in-game characters I think readers will find both engaging and disturbing.
Edmure protests at having to wed one of Walder Frey's daughters for Robb to point out that the livelihoods of the northmen depend on this alliance.
In The Sea of Trolls eleven-year-old bard-apprentice Jack and his six-year-old sister Lucy are kidnapped by Northmen.
Though started in conflict, there may soon be a peace as the Northmen realize they need the natives to survive.
Isaias Mateo, 42, of 1 Northmen Passway, Fitchburg, charged with larceny over $250, continued to March 31.
It was going to be a mixed group of people but then Keith (Bell his business partner in Northmen Films) said `why don't you make it all girls?

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