Northumberland, Thomas Percy, 7th earl of

Northumberland, Thomas Percy, 7th earl of,

1528–72, English nobleman. He was the nephew and heir of the childless 6th earl but did not succeed on the latter's death (1537) because his father had been attainted for participation in the Pilgrimage of Grace (1536). He finally received the title from Queen Mary I in 1557 and was entrusted with the protection of the Scottish borders, but he lost this position after the accession of the Protestant Elizabeth I. In conjunction with the earl of WestmorlandWestmorland, Charles Neville, 6th earl of
, 1543–1601, English nobleman. A Roman Catholic by birth and connected with the powerful Howard family by marriage, he joined the rebellion (1569) led by Thomas Percy,
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 he plotted (1569) with the Spanish to restore Roman Catholicism to England and to release Mary Queen of Scots. They gathered an army, but it was defeated (1569). Northumberland was captured by the Scots, ransomed (1572) to the English, and beheaded.
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