Northumberland Strait

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Northumberland Strait,

arm of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, c.200 mi (320 km) long and from 8 to 30 mi (13–48 km) wide, separating Prince Edward Island from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The strait is crossed by the Confederation BridgeConfederation Bridge,
Fr. Pont de la Confédération, bridge that joins Borden-Carleton in Prince Edward Island with Cape Jourimain in New Brunswick, Canada. Spanning the Northumberland Strait at its narrowest point, the bridge measures 8 mi (12.
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, which was completed in 1997.
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For an island that depends so much on its natural resources (sea, land) and their scapes and symbolism (through tourism) to support its economy, it is not surprising that much concern was raised on the environmental impact of the bridge, especially in the sensitive Northumberland Strait.
Lawrence, Northumberland Strait, and Nova Scotia on the east; and the Bay of Fundy and Passamaquoddy Bay on the south.
She swam the fastest crossing of the Northumberland Strait on Canada's East Coast in 2005 to raise funds and awareness for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
THE CANVAS: A long journey, looming winter, dense shale THE PALETTE: Waters from the Northumberland Strait, salt-splashed cedars, a picturesque bridge
Islanders across the Northumberland Strait spent piles of dough (mostly in Ontario and Quebec) to help convince consumers to buy their provincial product over the potatoes locally grown.
The amenties include a private airstrip, a marina and lighthouse and an acclaimed 18-hole course skirting the sandstone cliffs of Northumberland Strait.
The average distance traveled ranged from 2 km in parts of Baie des Chaleurs and western Cape Breton to 19 km in central Northumberland Strait.
Some 10 kilometers northeast of Petit-Cap, New Brunswick, a group of 90 fishermen is already using federal Fisheries Department sea floor maps to help them seed millions of baby scallops onto gravel bottoms in the middle of the Northumberland Strait.
More Notes on The Burning Ship of Northumberland Strait.
The Confederation Bridge spans the turbulent Northumberland Strait, connecting the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
Soon we were on our way again, to Northumberland Strait and the ferry crossing to Prince Edward Island, observing the fixed link under construction as we sailed into Borden and glimpsing the fabrication yard after docking.

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