Northumberland Strait

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Northumberland Strait,

arm of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, c.200 mi (320 km) long and from 8 to 30 mi (13–48 km) wide, separating Prince Edward Island from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The strait is crossed by the Confederation BridgeConfederation Bridge,
Fr. Pont de la Confédération, bridge that joins Borden-Carleton in Prince Edward Island with Cape Jourimain in New Brunswick, Canada. Spanning the Northumberland Strait at its narrowest point, the bridge measures 8 mi (12.
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, which was completed in 1997.
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1, sites 17 and 18) and the eastern end of the Northumberland Strait (Fig.
Lobster movements in the Northumberland Strait were related to whether the site was located toward the center or at either extremity (either end) of the Strait.
More Notes on The Burning Ship of Northumberland Strait.
The Confederation Bridge spans the turbulent Northumberland Strait, connecting the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
Soon we were on our way again, to Northumberland Strait and the ferry crossing to Prince Edward Island, observing the fixed link under construction as we sailed into Borden and glimpsing the fabrication yard after docking.
Government officials hope the bridge over the Northumberland Strait will boost the number of tourists to more than 1 million annually, up from the current 800,000, and inspire a wave of business investment as transport becomes cheaper and easier.
The canal closes annually in December due to ice buildup in the Northumberland Strait.
But when she breaks into an abandoned house on Northumberland Strait, she meets a mysterious young woman inside.
4-mile, two-lane bridge will transverse the Northumberland Strait from Cape Tormentine in New Brunswick to Borden on Prince Edward Island.
The bridge will consist of 26 approach and 44 marine spans; the center of the structure will be 210 feet above the Northumberland Strait, providing a navigational channel for ships.
Nova Scotia The foreshore and marine waters of Guysborough, Richmond, Bras D Or Lakes, the Atlantic coastline of Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Victoria County, Halifax County from Hartlen Point to Guysborough County, Yarmouth County, the Northumberland Strait and Gulf of St.
Elsewhere Stone & Webster is providing program management oversight and engineering services for the Northumberland Strait Fixed Crossing to Prince Edward Island in Canada.

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