Northwest Mounted Police

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Northwest Mounted Police:

see Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceRoyal Canadian Mounted Police,
constabulary organized (1873) as the Northwest Mounted Police to bring law and order to the Canadian west. In 1920 the name was changed to the present title.
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Among other distinctions, Jarvis was the first Registrar of the University of Manitoba, a founder of the Manitoba Historical Society, an early alderman on the Winnipeg City Council, and an officer in the Northwest Mounted Police.
Watson believes that distrust of authority began over a century ago when the Northwest Mounted Police escorted Indian agents and school masters to homes to take children away to residential schools.
Our guest speaker, retired teacher and historian Brian Porter, gave us an interesting presentation on James Morrow Walsh who had a distinguished career as one of the first members of the Northwest Mounted Police (later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and had a close relationship with the great Sioux chief, Sitting Bull.
Fort Calgary is where the Northwest Mounted Police sorted out warring native tribes and European traders in 1875.
Baird, arrived on the scene in 1881--a time when Confederation was still fresh, the Northwest Mounted Police had been recently formed, the railway was completed, treaties were being signed with First Nations people, and that great icon of the West, the buffalo, had been nearly wiped out.

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