Norton Sound

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Norton Sound,

inlet of the Bering Sea, c.150 mi (240 km) long and 125 mi (200 km) across at its widest point, W Alaska, S of the Seward Peninsula. Norton Bay is its northeast arm. Nome is on the north shore and the Yukon River flows into the sound from the south. It is navigable from May to October.
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Siu (pronounced see-you) Alaska Corporation is the for-profit arm of the Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation and makes distributions back to this CDQ.
At the Norton Sound facility, strong tidal and river currents help disperse the waste, but that is not always the case.
On September 19, staff members of Norton Sound Regional Hospital in Nome reported two additional suspected trichinellosis cases from the same community, in the adult aunt (patient D) and uncle (patient E) of patient A.
Using a Leupold spotting scope to size up the grizzly, Eric figured there would be a good chance the boar would follow a deep drainage that dumped into the Norton Sound.
Thus a subset of identified important variables from step-wise regression results along with correlation matrix of all variables and further statistical test, we arrive at our final specification of regression models for the combined regions (all four), Maniilaq, Norton Sound, Yukon Kuskokwim, and Bristol Bay as follows:
He makes Graham Norton sound like a monk on a vow of silence.
Swanson was born at a fish camp in the community of Shaktoolik, which is a coastal village located near the Norton Sound in the Bering Sea in Alaska.
Critical habitat for the spectacled eider includes areas on the YukonKuskokwim Delta (Y-K Delta), Norton Sound, Ledyard Bay, and Bering Sea between St.
Beluga whale aerial surveys were flown in the vicinity of Norton Sound, Alaska (Fig.
Sixteen servicewomen aboard the USS Norton Sound are accused of being gay.
A patient record from the Norton Sound Health Corporation hospital in Nome, Alaska?