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(nôrəmbĕg`ə), name vaguely used, especially on European maps of the 16th and 17th cent., to indicate a region, a river, or a city on the east coast of North America. Fabulous tales were told of the city, but its location and its identity are uncertain. Probably the word is a Native American version of the old form of Norway. In the late 19th cent., Professor E. N. Horsford revived interest in the matter by identifying Norumbega as the site of a Norse settlement in America, claiming to have discovered its position on the Charles River at Watertown, Mass. No conclusive results have been reached on the matter, and it is generally considered that Norumbega is purely mythical.


See R. H. Ramsay, No Longer on the Map (1972).

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These changes in the Heav'ns, though slow, produc'd Like change on Sea and Land, sideral blast, Vapour, and Mist, and Exhalation hot, Corrupt and Pestilent: Now from the North Of NORUMBEGA, and the SAMOED shoar Bursting thir brazen Dungeon, armd with ice And snow and haile and stormie gust and flaw, BOREAS and CAECIAS and ARGESTES loud And THRASCIAS rend the Woods and Seas upturn; With adverse blast up-turns them from the South NOTUS and AFER black with thundrous Clouds From SERRALIONA; thwart of these as fierce Forth rush the LEVANT and the PONENT VVindes EURUS and ZEPHIR with thir lateral noise, SIROCCO, and LIBECCHIO.
He describes the colony of Charlestown, the first settler of Boston (William Blaxton), the bridges over the river, Cambridge, Brookline, the Back Bay, Brighton, Tory Row, Watertown, Newton, the Bemis Mills, Auburndale-on-the-Charles and Norumbega, Waltham, Hemlock Gorge and the Upper Falls, the Lower Falls, Dedham, upriver towns, the Charles River Basin, and other places, as well as the roles of John Oldham, John Eliot, and Francis and Freelan Stanley.
The dyke and potential extensions into southern New England and New Brunswick cross faults and structures within Ganderian crustal belts southeast of the Norumbega fault zone (West et al.
THE STORY: Italian-American Richie Palumbo never thought he'd be good enough to live in the quaint, WASPish town of Norumbega Park, on the outskirts of Boston.
Jack was member of the Norumbega Lodge of Masons and a Shriner at the Aleppo Temple in Boston.
Descriptions of typical REUs in the Earth sciences include: "geologic mapping in the field with mentors from the state geologic surveys", "precision structural mapping using global positioning system, total stations and geographic information systems: the search for Norumbega shearing", and "integrated field and laboratory research on the geological evolution of the Southern Blue Ridge" (http://www.
LAS VEGAS -- By a 4-1 margin, David Holway of Norumbega Street, Cambridge, former deputy commissioner in the State Dept.
Norumbega and Harmonia Mundi in sixteenth-century cartography.
The seven-mile sound narrows to just 100 feet at its midpoint with mountains on either side--the 852-foot Norumbega Mountain to the east and the 646-foot Acadia Mountain to the west.
The Exploration of Norumbega" looks at many of the same issues but with a geographic focus on Norumbega (Maine before it was called "Maine").
Only a few European maps acknowledge these sources so that their existence has to be inferred from features such as large lakes, artificially straightened rivers running into the west, or the fabled "golden" cities such as Cibola, El Dorado, and Norumbega.
Having this capability, the company has established an aggressive roll-out schedule for Logician, beginning with an initial project currently underway at one of the eight clinics of Norumbega Medical Specialties in Bangor, Maine.