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(nôr`wôk'). 1 City (1990 pop. 94,279), Los Angeles co., S Calif.; settled in the 1850s, inc. 1957. With the arrival (1875) of the Southern Pacific RR, it became a center for the dairy and logging industries, but Norwalk's main growth occurred with the rapid industrialization that followed World War II. Manufactures include metal and plastic products, computer equipment, and furniture. The city holds an annual Space, Science, and Technology Show.

2 City (1990 pop. 78,331), Fairfield co., SW Conn., at the mouth of the Norwalk River, on Long Island Sound; settled 1640, inc. 1913. An early oyster center, the city now manufactures apparel, electronic and electrical equipment, machinery, and chemicals. There is also aircraft research. Norwalk was burned by the British in the American Revolution. The city includes numerous small islands in the harbor and the village of Silvermine, an artists' colony.

3 City (1990 pop. 14,731), seat of Huron co., N Ohio; inc. 1881. It is a trade and processing center for a farm area, with factories that make furniture, rubber and metal products, and machinery. The city was settled (c.1817) by "Fire Sufferers" from Norwalk, Conn., whose homes had been burned by the British in the American Revolution.

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a city in the state of Connecticut, in the northeastern USA; situated on the north shore of Long Island Sound. Population, 79,000; 120,000, including the metropolitan area (1970). There are 20,000 people employed in industry, including machine building (for example, automobile assembly) and the garment, knitted goods, footwear, paper, and tire industries. Norwalk was founded in 1650.

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