Norway rat

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Norway rat:

see ratrat,
name applied to various stout-bodied rodents, usually having a pointed muzzle, long slender tail, and dexterous forepaws. It refers particularly to the two species of house rat, Rattus norvegicus, the brown, or Norway, rat and R.
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Reproductive activity revealed that the males were recorded reproductively active throughout the year while more than 50% specimens of females were recorded inactive throughout the year; yet lactating and pregnant females, and scars in the oviduct were recorded throughout the year indicating that Norway rat reproduces the year around in the urban environment of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Effect of glutathione depletion on Leydig cell steroidogenesis in young and old brown Norway rats.
Despite its modest velocity (it's rated at 495 fps), I used it to instantly extinguish a particularly gnarly looking Norway rat in the backyard the first time I fired it.
Similarly, the role of Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) as vector of C.
Predation on hatchling and juvenile Diamondback Terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin) by the Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus).
Other species include West Nile virus, honeybee tracheal mite, Norway rat, common St.
Unconditioned sexual incentive motivation in the male Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), J.
Named for the pet rat in the Harry Potter books, this brown Norway rat made a habit of hanging off my bird feeder a while back, which was unsettling enough.
The Norway rat is an exotic species, so please do not release any into the wild (Chapter Two explains why).