Norway spruce

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spruce, Norway spruce, spruce fir, white deal, white fir

A white to light brown or red-brown, straight- and even-grained wood; moderately low density and strength. Relatively inexpensive; used for general-utility lumber.
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The [DELTA]L*, [DELTA]a* and [DELTA]b* values show differences between the unirradiated and electron beam irradiated Norway spruce samples (Figure 1).
We investigated whether the essential oils of Norway spruce and common juniper, and specific monoterpenes influence forage selection of moose.
The Norway Spruce is still the most popular and least expensive type and with its short, soft, bright green needles I think it remains the most attractive.
Trees cost from pounds 24 for a small Norway Spruce to pounds 40 for a six-foot pine from www.
We are studying KCBP in the conifer pollen tube system of Norway spruce as a potential calcium regulated link between microfilaments and microtubules.
In the conifer Norway spruce a polymer, which they call glycolignin, constitutes some 85 percent of the lignins.
In Eugene, lightning struck several trees - including a 100-year-old Norway spruce in the downtown park blocks - and more than a dozen utility pole transformers.
PLANT OF THE WEEK - Spruce (Picea) Many of us will now be thinking about buying our Christmas tree - and the Norway spruce (P.
Sabreon can make the short trip to Brighton worthwhile by landing the Norway Spruce Classified Stakes for John Dunlop at Brighton (4.
Julie Salamon's ``The Christmas Tree'' (Random House Audiobooks, 90 minutes, $12), performed very effectively by David Birney in an abridged version, deftly inter-weaves two story strands: the annual search by the narrator, a Manhattan gardener, for a formidable evergreen suitable to serve as the Christmas showpiece in Rockefeller Center; and the special kinship of a New Jersey nun with ``Tree,'' the Norway spruce that's been her lifelong source of solace.
Conversion of Norway spruce stands to broadleaved woodland - regeneration systems, fencing and performance of planted seedlings.
The Star will sit atop the 85-foot high, 46-foot wide, 13-ton Norway Spruce, where it will stay for the remainder of the 2014 holiday season.